Welfare – At the Heart of Datesand

Here at Datesand, welfare of the animals used in the Life Sciences industry is at the heart of everything we do and always has been. Every product we create and sell can be used to enrich the lives of these animals and give them the best quality of life possible.

An extensive amount of Research & Development goes into the designing, planning and preparation of all Datesand products. This ensures that anything we sell meets the ever-growing high industry standards set by the industry and the Home Office alike.

The 3Rs, Replacement, Refinement & Reduction, play a huge part in modern laboratory animal welfare. All professionals within the industry show obvious commitment to the 3Rs in the fantastic work they do and that’s why we want to offer you, the people at the forefront of the industry, the chance to create products that can enhance and influence these principles - not only in your own work but in research across the globe, with the Janet Wood Innovation Award.

The idea of the Janet Wood Innovation Award came about in memory of the late Janet Wood, co-founder of Datesand, who had a real vision for innovation. She was passionate and encouraging about developing ideas that could influence the industry and shine a positive light on the hard and vital work being done.

Though we are on a continuous mission to develop new ideas to improve animal welfare, we want you to come onboard this adventure and have your say. As people who have first-rate information and access to such environments, we believe your opinions matter most!

You can now get involved in the Janet Wood Innovation Award 2020 and turn your knowledge of needs into viable products for the Life Sciences market. Simply head over to www.jwiaward.co.uk to download an application pack or email us at jwiaward@datesand.com for more information.

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Welfare – At the Heart of Datesand

We're giving you the chance to create products that can enhance and influence the 3Rs...

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