JWI Award 2020 - Last Chance to Enter

We have officially reached the closing stages of the 2020Janet Wood Innovation Award. With just 2 days left to submit your applications, we wanted to remind you exactly what this competition could do for you!


Each year, we work with our first second and third place winners to develop the products from your initial ideas to the most viable, efficient and cost-effective end product possible to then be put onto the market and sold into the Life Sciences industry. This opportunity is a fantastic way to really put your stamp on the industry!


Not only will your product be put on the market, but the first-place winner will also be gifted an all-expenses-paid trip to ANY Life SciencesConference of your choice, ANYWHERE in the world!!


On top of this, the winner will receive £4,000/$5,000 towards publication in an open access scientific journal.


Second place will also get their hands on a brand new state of the art iPad while third place can enjoy £200 in shopping vouchers!

The applications will be whittled down to the finalists when Datesand invite a number of judges from different areas of the industry to come and assess which products they believe have the best potential.


When we reach our final three, three votes will be held to judge who comes out on top! When the time comes, you will be able to vote on the www.jwiaward.co.uk website, on the Datesand Twitter page (@datesandgroup) and at the AST Conference which is held from 23rd-26th March 2020.


If you have an idea, this is officially your last chance to submit it into to the 2020 competition. Please send all finished applications and supporting documents to us at jwiaward@datesand.com by 1st February.


If you’re not successful in our 2020 competition, don’t forget that the Janet Wood Innovation Award in an ANNUAL competition. You can submit new applications or resubmit old application again.

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JWI Award 2020 - Last Chance to Enter

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