Sharing Our Love For Caring

At Datesand, our values are based around ‘caring for those who care for others’ and so the Janet Wood Innovation Award was set up to really exaggerate this within the industry.

What you do, as researchers, technicians, welfare officers and so much more, makes a difference every day. Putting animal welfare as a priority and going that extra mile on a regular basis to ensure that a great level of care goes in everything you do should be and feel very rewarding.

The Janet Wood Innovation Award helps people like you get the recognition you deserve and receive physical rewards for taking what you do and turning it into a creative experience.

It is absolutely fair to say that you, more than anybody else, know exactly the kind of products and innovations the industry needs on this ever-developing journey of improved animal welfare. By setting up this competition, we’re opening our ears and listening to your ideas to collectively bring potentially industry-changing products onto the market.

As animal welfare is at the forefront of this, we ensure that the 3Rs (Reduction, Refinement & Replacement) must be considered and explained in any new products for it to begin to be considered viable.

Should you design a winning product, you will have the opportunity to visit any Life Sciences conference of your choice, anywhere in the world with all expenses covered. On top of that, you will receive £4,000/$5,000 towards publication in an open access scientific journal.

You will also be very much involved in the whole process of creating, selling and marketing the product. It is our pleasure to promote you and the hard work you have put into the process. As your product, we will make sure that you are happy with the final designs.

Application packs can still be downloaded and submitted between now and February 1st 2020.

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