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Finalist Details

The Drawbridge

The Drawbridge hangs from the bars of the animals cage. It gives the animal the opportunity to climb over, under and through as well as providing an additional resting area.

Mouse Trapeze

The Mouse Trapeze encourages natural behaviour and reduces boredom by encouraging animals to climb, balance and swing. it is designed to be suspended from the cage bars.


The Lucine is designed to divide the cage into compartments. This provides protection for the submissive animals. It also allows animals to make a nest in a protected part of the cage without losing visibility for the caretakers.

Aqua Labyrinth

The Aqua Labyrinth is designed for use in laboratory fish tanks and reduces circling behavior and aggression in fish. The Labyrinth also has various assembly modes to provide ongoing stimulation for fish.

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D Aqua Labyrinth

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